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Red Côtes-du-Rhône
  • Red Côtes-du-Rhône
  • Vineyards :
  • they cover about 41,200 hectares/101,764 acres (within 6 French "départements").
  • Climate :
  • mediterranean with a prevailing "Mistral" wind. This harsh wind - both necessary and beneficial to the vines' development - is caused by the difference between the Southern and Northern Rhône's atmospheric pressures. Highly seasonal rainfall, hot temperatures and abundant sunshine are also the characteristic of this region.
    Average production: 500,000 bottles (75 cl.) per year. Grape Varieties : Syrah (majority) and Grenache.
    Wine Making
    The entire crop is destemmed. Fermentation and maceration take place in closed vats for approximately 15 days. Daily pumping over ensures the proper extraction. Fermentation temperature is controlled, and kept at between 82°F and 86°F (28°C and 30°C). After devatting, pressing and racking, malolactic fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats.
    The wines are kept in vats to preserve fruit aromas. They are racked regularly in order to allow their components to stabilise naturally. The "Saint Esprit" cuvée is bottled after 8 months of ageing.
    Tasting notes
    Its deep colour has a dark, plum-like hue. The nose is classically Syrah, with berry fruit, violet, liquorice. It has a full, rounded palate with delicate tannins, making it unique in the "Côtes-du-Rhône" category.
    Food and wine pairing
    "Provençale" style cuisine, stuffed tomatoes and aubergines, mixed grills and barbecues.
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