To celebrate Delas Frères' 180th anniversary, the Deutz-Delas Group purchased a new property in the middle of Tain-l'Hermitage. Its showcase technical facilities will be used to vinify the highest quality appellations produced by Delas Frères and its reception rooms will be devoted to living the brand's passion for sharing.


Claire Darnaud-McKerrow joined the technical team to work alongside Jacques Grange on technical processes including oxygen management (from fermentation through to bottling). She is also involved in implementing the company's new approach to single parcel wines, which  reflect the diversity and unique character of the company's AOCs.

A single parcel white wine made its return in the form of "Saint Epine", a Saint Joseph AOC from the outstanding 2014 vintage.

The motto "Placing Man and Wine at the heart of the Terroir" has never been more apt. om the company's own vineyards.


Fabrice Rosset reinforced this strategy by applying the Delas Frères "own sourcing” principle to the Hermitage AOC., enabling "Domaine des Tourettes" to join "Les Bessards", the company's celebrated single parcel wine in the same appellation. The two wines are produced exclusively from the company's own vineyards.


In April 2006, quality had continued to improve at Delas and the vineyards were expanded with the purchase of 6 hectares and 12 hectares situated in Chassis in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation. This new acquisition increased the domaine's surface under vine to 30 hectares.

This "Vin de Domaine” (estate wine) was named "Domaine des Grands Chemins" and marked a new stage in the company's strategy of building the image of Delas Frères as vineyard owners.


In 1997, Fabrice Rosset invited Jacques Grange to join Delas Frères as Technical Director.

Grange played a defining role in the production of the wines as well as the work carried out in the vineyards. He has a very diverse job that covers many aspects of wine production, from adapting the growing practices to each plot of vines, to restructuring the retaining dry stone walls and replacing missing vines.


In 1996, Fabrice Rosset was named CEO of Delas Frères and Champagne Deutz. The commercial and administrative departments were merged and based at the Deutz premises in the Champagne village of Aÿ.

Investment and renovation work began at the Saint-Jean-de-Muzols production site including the vat-house and the cellars. The range and the technical itinerary of each wine were reviewed and reworked.


In 1993, Deutz and Delas Frères were approached by the Rouzaud family, majority shareholder in the Roederer Group. They joined the Roederer Group under whose umbrella Delas' philosophy continued to flourish.


In 1977, Delas Frères invited its friend and commercial export partner, Champagne Deutz, to share its financial resources and expertise.

The production site was relocated to Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, near Tournon sur-Rhône, at the foot of the Saint-Joseph vineyards.


Michel Delas (the third generation of the family) took over the running of the company in 1960. It had already earned itself a reputation as a major wine trading company (négociant) in the northern Rhône Valley. Michel Delas continued to grow the company's holdings by purchasing other vineyards. He also became personally involved in the export markets.


Barrels of wine were being shipped to London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva and the U.S. from 1952.


In 1945 and over the post-war period, the wines by Delas Frères enjoyed growing success on the international market.


In 1924, Henri and Florentin Delas took over the company which they renamed "Delas Frères". They continued to develop the trading business and the family estate by purchasing a vineyard in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and expanding the Hermitage vineyards in order to ensure consistent quality for their production.


In 1835, Charles Audibert and Philippe Delas purchased the Maison Junique wine merchant in Tournon-sur-Rhône, which they renamed "Audibert et Delas".

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