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Renovation work at Delas consisted in providing the winery with the most suitable tools for making and maturing wines. In the fermentation hall, the old stainless-steel tanks have been replaced by small, 85 hectolitre concrete tanks. These containers enable us to separate each batch of grapes, from separate plots. They also ensure a better temperature control. Everything now operates by gravity.
The grapes are poured into the tanks from above, avoiding pumping and kneading of the grapes. The tanks have large top hatches that facilitate manual cap-punching, which means the wine is given air from above. The winemaking can be compared to that of a good chef working at his stove. The barrel cellar has been totally rebuilt. 600 burgundy barrels from François Frères, a world-renowned cooperage, have replaced the old 2500 hectolitre tuns. Here, confidence in the cooper is primordial. The time a wine spends in wood helps its ageing, but the wood should not dominate the flavour of the wine. On the contrary, it should help it to reveal its full character. In a vineyard with such steep slopes, a grower also has to be a stone mason, so we patiently rebuild the dry stone retaining walls, preserving the local heritage. And seven thousand vines have been replaced over the past three years.
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