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Everything is done with a long-term perspective in mind, and Delas is keen to see how the wines made under its new approach will age. The wine library holds the best vintages in safe keeping. They will make some wine lovers happy one day.

According to the vintage, red wines are aged in burgundy barrels for between 12 and 24 months. The aim is not to put all wines in new oak. This will be reserved only for the very best vineyard sites. Of the 600 barrels that the cellar contains, Delas renews just 10% every year, most of the remainder being one year old. Two or three rackings are carried out during maturation, prior to the wines being blended. This is a crucial operation for the winemaker, who tastes each and every barrel.

This delicate job enables one to have a total vision of the wines and to remove from the final blend any component that is not up to the required standard. White wines are matured on their lees from between six and eight months, to develop their richness and structure. They are then fined and bottled after a gentle filtering.
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